Best Pubs in Halifax

Halifax boasts a rich history, picturesque landscapes and a vibrant pub scene that has something for every beer enthusiast. Let's go on a pub-hopping journey through Halifax and explore the top contenders for the title of the best pubs in town.

Ryder & Dutton

The Victorian Craft Beer Cafe

Our first stop is The Victorian Craft Beer Cafe, a gem that seamlessly blends history with the modern craft beer movement. This pub offers a cosy and inviting atmosphere, with the interior adorned with vintage decor, creating a unique ambiance that pays homage to the town's heritage.

What sets The Victorian Craft Beer Cafe apart is its extensive craft beer selection. From hoppy IPA’s to rich stouts, beer enthusiasts will find an array of options. The knowledgeable staff are always ready to recommend the perfect brew to accompany the tasty food, making every visit a memorable experience.

The Three Pigeons

Nestled in the heart of Halifax, The Three Pigeons is timeless, charming and warm. This pub, with its green tile fireplace and wooden beams, transports visitors to the 1930’s and is one of three Art Deco pubs left in the UK. The welcoming ambiance makes it a favourite among locals and visitors.

The Three Pigeons takes pride in its cask ale selection, featuring regional and national brews. Whether you're a seasoned ale aficionado or a casual beer enthusiast, you're sure to find a pint that suits your palate. Drop in for a pint and you'll understand why The Three Pigeons has stood the test of time as a beloved watering hole in Halifax.

The Moorlands Inn

For those seeking a pub experience surrounded by stunning natural beauty, The Moorlands Inn is the perfect destination. Located on the outskirts of Halifax, this pub offers panoramic views of the rolling hills and moorlands, creating a tranquil setting for patrons.

The Moorlands Inn prides itself on its commitment to local breweries, showcasing a rotating selection of regional ales and craft beers. The spacious beer garden provides an ideal spot to enjoy your drink while soaking in the scenic landscapes. From ales to ciders, The Moorlands Inn ensures a well-rounded drinking experience for all.

The Causeway Foot

Tucked away in a quiet corner, The Causeway Foot is a favourite among locals, thanks to its friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff. The Causeway Foot boasts a well-curated selection of real ales and traditional ciders, showcasing the best of local and national brews. The laid-back vibe makes it an ideal spot for a leisurely afternoon pint or a lively evening with friends. If you're seeking a genuine and unpretentious pub experience, The Causeway Foot delivers on all fronts.

The William IV Inn

Our pub-hopping journey concludes at The William IV Inn, where tradition meets tastefulness. This pub, with its classic pub facade and cosy interior, has been a staple in Halifax for years, offering patrons a relaxed and enjoyable drinking experience.

The William IV Inn prides itself on its selection of well-kept cask ales and a diverse range of beers, catering to a broad spectrum of tastes. Their traditional pub grub menu includes fish and chips, chicken burgers and mighty giant Yorkshire puddings with a choice of filling!

Halifax's pub scene is a delightful mix of history, community and craftmanship. Each of these pubs offers a unique experience, making the town a haven for beer enthusiasts and socialisers alike. Whether you're drawn to the historical charm of The Victorian Craft Beer Cafe, the timeless appeal of The Three Pigeons or the scenic beauty of The Moorlands Inn, Halifax's best pubs promise an unforgettable journey through the town's rich cultural and brewing heritage. Cheers to the vibrant pub culture of Halifax!

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