5 Fun Ways to Stay Active in Oldham!

Summer's just around the corner, so it's time to shape up and get active. Here are 5 ways to keep active this April, in Oldham.

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There's nothing quite like striping a 7-iron right down the middle of the fairway. But we won't lie to you, golf's hard at the best of times. That's why for complete newbies, heading to your local driving range is a fantastic option. You can work on technique, hire clubs, and even enquire about some lessons if you're desperate to improve quickly. Some ranges, like Trafford Golf Centre, have TopTracer technology so you can track your shots.

Alternatively, if you're feeling ready, get out on a course. Werneth Golf Club, Oldham Golf Club or Crompton & Royton Golf Club are some of the best golf courses in Oldham.


Aside from temporarily wrinkled skin, you'd be hard-pressed to find drawbacks to swimming. It's one of those activities that's good across the board, from improving your cardiovascular health to keeping your body in shape.

Combine swimming with other training and you'll find it helps to improve muscle soreness and recovery time too. Not to mention, there's no downside to becoming more comfortable and potentially safer in water. Find out where you can swim in Oldham at https://oclactive.co.uk/activi...


Located near the Pennines, Oldham boasts a tonne of brilliant rural walking routes like Dove Stone Reservoir and Tandle Hill, and it'd be a shame to waste them! Go for a solo stroll and take in the scenery, or stick some sound on, like music or a podcast, and experience the route in your own way.

Alternatively, find someone to accompany you, whether it's friends, family, or a work colleague. It's a great way to converse while simultaneously burning calories, and even if it's just 20 minutes around the car park on your lunch break throughout the week, it's better than nothing!


Compared to other sports, tennis is fairly accessible early on because it doesn't require an age to learn some fundamentals. Providing you're able to return the ball consistently, you'll be able to get by and even have some fun, especially if you embrace an underarm serve. The backhand, drop shots, topspin, slice, and overhead serve will come with time and practice, but to start, just get comfortable with your forehand and concentrate on getting the ball over the net and keeping it in play.

Clarksfield Tennis Club is always looking to find new members and even offers some one-to-one or group coaching sessions if that's something you're interested in. Check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/clark....


Boxing is a fantastic way to condition your body and get in great physical shape. It’s so popular because it allows you to train like a boxer without putting yourself in harm's way. It’s a fantastic way to increase fitness levels and tone up.

Oldham even has a lady-only boxercise class which you can access at https://oldhamboxing.co.uk/cla.... Alternatively, you can find boxercise classes for all, in most gyms, across Oldham. For aspiring boxers who want to give the full sport a go, boxing gyms in Oldham like Warriors Boxing Academy and Oldham Fight Academy are a great place to start.

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