Organising a Coronation Street Party

Looking to plan a street party? Take a look at our top tips to get organised, below!

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Organising a street party is a great way to bring a community together and celebrate the King’s Coronation. Such an historic event should not be missed and a street party can be a wonderful way to mark the occasion and enjoy some fun and festivities with your neighbours.

We’ve put together some tips for organising a Coronation Street Party:

  1. Plan ahead: The Coronation is taking place on Saturday 6th May and the Bank Holiday to celebrate is Monday 8th May so there’s a whole long weekend to choose a date from. Make a list of what needs to be done and get your neighbours involved. You can add your party to the official Coronation Street Party Map here:
  1. Choose a location: Decide on the best location for your street party, and if everybody will have space outside their house or in their garden. You will not be able to close your street unless you applied for permission from the local council.
  1. Involve Your Street: The success of your street party depends on the involvement of your neighbours. Encourage people to participate and contribute by asking them to bring food, drinks, and decorations. You can also organise games, music, and other entertainment to keep everyone entertained.
  1. Decorate the street: To make the party more festive, decorate the street with flags, bunting, and other decorations. You can find lots of ideas and materials for making your own Coronation decorations here:
  1. Food and drinks: Food and drinks are an essential part of any street party. You can either ask people to bring their own food or organise a buffet with everyone contributing items. You could try one of the 3 official new recipes for the King’s Coronation!
  1. Plan for the weather: It wouldn’t be a British Bank Holiday without some unpredictable weather, so make sure to have a backup plan. You could borrow or hire a marquee or book a indoor space as a local Village or Church Hall as a back up.
  1. Have fun: Lastly, remember to have fun! A coronation street party is a time to celebrate, so enjoy the festivities and the company of your neighbours.

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